31.03.-01.06.2022 @SCHLOSS RUNKELSTEIN (BZ) – I

RHYTHM NATURE CULTURE – The world of percussion

… since 1997 I have been collecting percussion instruments from five continents. Following the Hornbostel-Sachs classification of musical instruments, I searched for specimens for each major category of idiophones, membranophones, and percussion chordophones and their various subcategorizations. In the collection, there are traditional and original instruments of provenance, new generation percussion, as well as numerous own creations, built using natural materials and recycled materials. “


I love to use old things and objects, natural materials and metals to create instruments and sound effects. This instruments are often easy to play for everyone, even if not musician. The Upcycling Music interactive exposition brings the instruments and a very special sound experience to the people. Everyone is allowed to play the instruments and to feel the good and healty vibrations by touching, hearing and looking to that unich sound objects.