Marco Stagni – contrabbasso, basso elettrico                              Max Castlunger – Steel Pan, balafon, flauti, percussioni
Andrea Polato – batteria modificata                                                 Matteo Cuzzolin – Sax Tenore
Hannes Mock – Trombone                                                                     Mirko Pedrotti – Vibrafono, percussioni

JEMM is an instrumental ensemble full of energy and musical virtuosity, whose relentless rhythms take the audience along on a journey, where ethnic music merges with improvisation and the power of melody, thus creating a universal language capable of touching the listener’s soul.
The ethnic instruments played by Max Castlunger – such as the Caribbean steel pan, the African balafon, the Australian didjeridoo and the Asian taishokoto – blend perfectly with the rest of the ensemble (drums, bass, trombone, tenor sax and vibraphone), creating a modern mixture of sounds that opens up to all the people on Earth and is capable of breaking down linguistic and cultural boundaries. After the first two albums: JEMM Music Project (2014) and HIVE (2019), the group is ready to release its third Album in 2024.

The band has taken part in important events in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, eAustria and Germany such as:
Gaume Jazz Festival (BE), Jammin’ Summer Session – Antibes (FR), Ambria Jazz (I), Südtirol Jazz Festival (I), Trentino Jazz Festival (I), Garda Jazz (I), Mountain Music Festival (I), Ladinia Pop Festival (I), Pixner’s Backstage (A), Folkest (I), Festival Acquedotte 2015 (I), Uhuru Festival (CH), Worldmusic Festival Loshausen (D), Moena Armonica (I), Al Plan Folk Festival (I), Dolomiti Ski Jazz (I) Sentieri Acustici(I), Festa dei Popoli (I), Volxfesta (I), Sunside Festival (I), Val Badia Jazz Festival (I), Val di Fassa Panorama Music (I), Fiemme Ski Jazz (I), Itinerari Folk (I).

For the JEMM Music Project Video Trailer CLICK HERE