Percussion workshops

Since 2000 I have been teaching percussion ensemble music, with my project “Music, a healthy and creative game for all ages” in various primary, secondary and high schools. Over the years more than 20.000 children and teenagers have participated in this project. The ensemble music workshops are mainly carried out with African percussions, in particular djembé and dunun drums.

Occasionally I collaborate with the dance teacher Cristina Cau in order to combine the two artistic disciplines in preparation for an African-style show that contemplates singing, dance, theater and the use of percussion.

These ensemble music courses not only do they refine sensitivity and musical knowledge, but above all they improve coordination, concentration, resistance and creativity, and promote collaboration and mutual respect in a group situation.

Look to the video here 


Teacher training workshops

I offer training courses in the musical field for kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school teachers. The courses are carried out directly in the headquarters of the school district.

These courses provide for a theoretical-practical study of the variety of percussions from different cultures around the world; through the study of traditional executive techniques, the learning of the syllabic system of notation and recitation of rhythms.  A part of the course can be dedicated to the construction of musical instruments, with natural and recycled materials.


Sissamba – brazilian percussion workshop and orchestra

The Sissamba percussion ensemble was born from a musical laboratory started in 2013, open to all lovers of rhythm and percussion. The meetings are in the evening and exclusively open to adults. Under my direction and guidance, we will play Afro-Brazilian rhythms and original compositions together. Mainly instruments used in the classical Brazilian batucada orchestra are played: tamborim, caixa, surdo, timbal, agogo, chochalco and repenique.