“…I have been performing as a musician since I was a child. My debut with the clarinet with the brass band of San Martino in Badia (BZ) South Tirol (I), the village where I grew up, with which I played for 11 years at country festivals, traditional parades and religious celebrations. The encounter with percussion in adolescence ignited within me the passion for rhythm and encouraged the desire to explore and deepen the various musical languages ​​of the world. In my musical journey I have had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous artists and musical and theatrical projects.

Collaborations: Andrea Mingardi & RossoBlues Band, HERBERT PIXNER & the Italo Connection, Herbert Pixner Project Symphonic Alps, Mop Mop, JEMM Music Project, Savana Funk Quartetto Desueto, Spolpo Blues Band, Tubusinfabula, Play, Funkchilli, Sax Four Fun, Mishra, Jean Ruaz, Gianni Ghirardini & Friends, Sissamba, Afroeira, Daraja, Nartan Savona, Rishab Prasanna, Samvad, Upcycling Band….