For over 20 years I have been passionately collecting musical instruments of all kinds and origins. I am always fascinated by how people, anywhere in the world, are able to produce sounds, beat rhythms and play melodies with simple objects and natural materials. This is why I have spent a lot of time researching and studying the materials and related construction techniques used to create musical instruments.
Inspired by the materials, sounds and construction techniques of musical instruments I collected, I started about 15 years ago to try my hand at building them, keeping the creative elaboration of natural materials and objects as a common thread.

“UPCYCLING MUSIC” is an interactive exhibition, which offers visitors the opportunity to personally touch and try musical instruments and sound works. Homemade musical instruments such as drums, giant barrels, oil drums, gongs, hollowed out tree trunks, tuned plastic pipes, sound chairs and tables, and numerous others, will be personally presented to the public by Max Castlunger

UPCYCLING MUSIC – Kulturzentrum Gustav Mahler Toblach // – 1.666 visitors UPCYCLING MUSIC – Schloß Runkelstein Bozen // 31.03. – 09.06.2023 – 8.000 visitors UPCYCLING MUSIC – Naturmuseum Olten – Haus der museen // 17.11. – 17.12.2023 – 2.500 visitors